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3 ร้านน่านั่ง บรรยากาศดี แถวบ้านย่านอ่อนนุช

New house project in On Nut area Another housing option For those who are looking for a new home on On Nut area at a tangible price. But with the condition that the location is in the city And aside from the potential of the prominent location On Nut area also has delicious food! We would like to introduce 3 attractive restaurants in On Nut area that have good atmosphere, good food, delicious snacks as an option for those who have just moved home to On Nut area, afraid that there will not be a place to hang out. Ready, let’s see!


Look in restaurant

If you like international food, we believe that you will definitely love this restaurant. Because Luk In has the concept of the restaurant to design food into a Creative Cuisine that is full of new creative menus. Both Italian and traditional Thai menus such as BBQ Pork Jab without oil, pasta, clams, bananas, pizza. Listen and want to try it now! Any day you want to eat both Italian and Thai food in one meal. With a juicy dessert menu Recommend visiting here urgently Certainly not disappointed. Whoever has a new home project, Onnut area. This is the most jealous of all the delicious food!

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Location: Soi Sukhumvit 58, between BTS Skytrain On Nut and Bang Chak Station

Working hours: Open Tuesday-Sunday from 11:00 – 14:30 hrs. And 17:00 – 22:00 hrs.

For inquiries: 02-741-5246


Best beef

Anyone who knows that the meat line to eat, however, must be worth it. Introducing the famous grilled restaurant on Sukhumvit Road near On Nut “Best Beef”, an all-you-can-eat grilled restaurant. With a starting price of only 269 baht, which has a selection of fine beef Tender pork With seafood topped up in front of the sea That is ready for the strings to eat, everyone will fall for a long deliciousness Go for a full two hours. Which barbecue has just bought? New home project around On Nut, don’t miss this shop!

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Location: Riverside, Sukhumvit Road Opposite Soi Sukhumvit 75

Opening hours: Open daily from 16:00 – 00:00 hrs.

Inquiries: 02-742-9416


Ageha Music & Cafe

Because your warm, new On Nut house is located in the heart of the city, in addition to having a delicious restaurant and a hip café Many more hits And one of them is Ageha Cafe, which has cool concepts. Being where you want to create a place to gather for music lovers In addition to the delicious food menu, the shop also has a decoration that music fans must be impressed with various rare posters. Including CDs from non-mainstream music Anyone who knows that there is a musical test like no other. If coming here, may be able to meet friends who are talking to the right people. Good shop near the new house project near On Nut. How can this be missed?

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Location: Soi On Nut 25

Business hours: Open every Monday – Sunday (except Thursday) from 10:00 – 22:00 hrs.

For inquiries: 061-616-9694