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รู้จักกับ 3 ธีมแปลกใหม่ที่น่าสนใจ สำหรับห้องจัดสัมมนากรุงเทพฯ

In this era, each seminar must be planned, theme, conceptualization is even better. Because of the monotony of the seminar format and the seminar room, even in Bangkok , it still makes many People don’t want to join Because it feels like it’s something that’s not fun, it’s not very interesting, if the story you hold is a seminar focused on knowledge content, then finding a fun theme to play with is even more difficult But it’s not impossible to find a solution. Today we have 4 exotic themes that people often apply in Bangkok seminar room In case of getting new ideas To be a guide for your next seminar

1. Arrange color themes

The most basic method is playing with color themes, which is a popular way for seminar rooms in Bangkok because many people like the place that has beautiful colors because it helps to have fun taking pictures. Believe that if the topic of your seminar is interesting Is the subject that the target group wants to know or would like to develop into the original capital Added with a cool room theme like this, may help to attract the target audience more easily. Nonetheless, don’t forget to choose a color theme according to the target audience as well. For example, teenagers may like pastel colors. Elderly groups may prefer green, comfortable eyes. Women may especially like pink, for example. This is where the seminar organizer is responsible for doing homework and planning well.

2. Superhero theme

Must admit that these many years Superhero movies are something for all ages. Many seminar rooms in Bangkok to the point that some of the rooms must be decorated in a superhero image. To encourage the participants to feel emotional In addition, the superhero theme can easily be tied into a seminar topic. Such as linking with self-development Or creating ideas like a leader, for example. Do not think that superhero is a child only, because nowadays, young people aged 25-30 are equally fans of superhero movies.

3. Old themes

This theme is suitable for attendees of the seminar aged 30 years and older. There are many styles and styles to choose from, such as Dress like a teenager 80-90 or arrange a school uniform theme This will make the attendees look back in time to the moment they were impressed. Therefore able to attract quite a group of people of this age The age-old themes may be linked to some seminar topics, such as the topic about adding electricity to work. Or training on language usage etc. But when arranging a theme like this is quite risky enough Because the attendees may be embarrassed and do not dare to participate But there are many This seminar room in Bangkok organized this theme and succeeded Really impressed the participants of the seminar as well

4. Thai dress themes

This theme is suitable for seminars that are mostly attended by by seniors. Many people have Thai clothes, Thai silk kept but have no chance to bring it out. Believe that this themed seminar will attract more or less Aunt Khun Aunt Nowadays there are many interesting seminar topics for seniors. But many people may not come Because I don’t want to travel Don’t want to sit for a long time The seminar organizer needs to adapt. And find something motivated if you want to hold a successful seminar. If the Bangkok seminar room that you choose has Thai style decorations Or Thai atmosphere To help supplement the other way, it will make the participants more emotionally

To choose each theme The seminar organizers should do their homework well, who they want to be in the seminar. And what kind of themes should be used to be suitable Because even after using creativity Must also consider the probability Also have to coordinate with Bangkok seminar room to understand exactly. Because of the cooperation of all parties Will make the seminar come out finally successful